Metal anodized brushed
Brushed scratched metal effect paint
Developed by the Research & Development Cromas' laboratory is a paint with metallic real brushed, scratched and sanded effect.
The painting cycle is easy, suitable for large or small, flat or complicated, tubular etc ... surfaces.
The painting can be done indoors or outdoors, on a great variety of supports.
The effect is very realistic and enjoyable, the final look is like that of a metal sheet subjected to galvanic treatment and later scratched.
The appearance of the painted surface is very similar to anodized surfaces produced by galvanic method, without the costs and the use of damaging substances typical of galvanizing industry.
anodized-brushed-metals-effect-paint-01 anodized-brushed-metals-effect-paint-02
The colors on screen are indicative only. In order to permit evaluation of the effect and for small surfaces a test kit of the product is available. For information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on: