Blackboard effect
Blackboard effect paint for furniture and walls
Materic paint to transform any surface into a blackboard extremely realistic to the touch, opaque in appearance and in non-homogeneous surface.
Surfaces treated with this paint can then be written with a normal white chalk and be cleaned with a cotton rag, as well as the classic old blackboards. The possibility to write with chalk and the black appearance like the slate are obtained by a careful formulation finalized to emulate the starting material, whose main features are well described on the page wikipedia
Unlike other solutions, this gives the possibility to obtain surfaces with real blackboard effect also for serial works, and with durability and professional appearance without the need to use particular spatulas, and in a shorter time. The finish of the furniture is easy, even in the creation of corners and edges.
The blackboard-slate effect paint is also available for interior walls. The application is extremely easy and do not require special knowledge. It can be applied by roller or brush.
Surfaces treated with blackboard effect paint are completely opaque and non-reflective, being composed mainly of solid and materic mineral stones. The color offered is black only (natural slate).

In order to permit evaluation of the effect and for small surfaces a test kit of the product is available. For information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on: