Cromas - Contact Us

The company is located in Italy at the gates of Milan, 3 km from the exit Lainate on the A8 motorway, a few minutes from the node A8-A4 (Torino-Trieste).
Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Where can I buy your products?
Our products can be purchased directly from us or through dealers / distributors in your area. To find the distributor nearest you, please contact us with the specific contact form.

I am a company, you can receive a visit from a technician or from a commercial agent?
Our company has a network of agents and distributors for many areas of Italy, where possible will be our care arrange a technical-commercial meeting.

I am a private user, can I make purchases?
Private users can purchase our products that respond to the VOC regulations for non-professional users, professional products can be purchased if the application is conducted by a technician in suitable environment.

How can I buy your products? And is it possible buy online?
The products can be purchased through contact with our office. We are not an online store but you can buy by correspondence through PayPal or advance payment.

Is it possible to come to your office and purchase the products directly?
We are not a shop but a company producing varnishes, products can be viewed at our offices by appointment. The withdrawal of the material can be made at our office.

Is it possible to have a color sample card?
The color sample card are available for architects, designers, companies, retailers and professional users.

Are the colors customizable?
Some products allow for the customization of colors, for these requests you should contact the technical staff.

Does Cromas sell the varnish only or can also make the painting service?
Cromas produces and sells varnishes only, for painting service you should contact your trusty lacquerers and painters.

I have to do a small work, what are the minimum quantities?
Cromas believes that every work, large or small, is equally important, so the products include also the package 1 kg/1 litro, for each product is available the "test kit" suitable for small work or samplings of 1 -2 mq

Is it possible to ship your paints overseas?
The overseas shipment of paints is available, but the shipping costs must be estimated for each order. Please note that the shipment of flammable products in foreign countries may have high costs, especially by air, and sometimes there are maximum amounts that you can carry.

What are the delivery times of the goods?
Cromas has as its objective a fast delivery of the material that can be estimated at the time of the order. The company is not responsible for delays in delivery couriers.