Rubber effect
Rubbery paint. Rubbery soft-touch effect paint
The surfaces treated with this paint are characterized by a soft and fresh touch as the softest of skins. Opaque, deep and clear, it gives the support a natural and unique touch.
The application of rubbery paint on a surface leads to a soft and deep touch, just with a thickness of 30-40 microns only, and an almost total opaque antireflection appearance.
The soft-touch rubbery paint is transparent, so the final color is due to the color of the base layer or the primer. This process allows to obtain a soft surface both on metal and wood, leaving the metallic appearance or the grains of the wood clearly visible.
Rubbery paint effect with tact, soft-touch rubber Rubbery paint effect with tact, soft-touch rubber
The product is a polyurethane opaque paint carefully formulated. Application is easy and leads to results of high strength and repeatable. The product is suitable for supports and for a great variety of goods such as:

It is also available a new version of the rubbery soft-touch effect paint for water-based interior decorations of walls. The product is not suitable for outside applications.
The colors on screen are indicative only.
In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces, a test kit of the product is available. For information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on: