Wrinkle paint
Paint to create a crinkly effect, a wrinkled fabric effect
The wrinkle paint is a product already used in the past to make pleasant to the touch and to appearance and give strength to the handled surfaces. It was used initially for car dashboards and is still sought after in the restoration of vintage cars or high range. In the 80's was a must in the manufacture of cameras.
In the last years its elegance has been rediscovered and it is also used in the areas of design of objects such as lamps, eyewear, handles, household goods, furniture accessories and bathroom furniture, watches, jewellery, technical articles, etc ... thanks to the possibility of modern resins to control with more precision the level of gloss and color of these paints.
The elegant texture of the surfaces treated with this paint makes them unique, giving them personality and pleasant touch.
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The wrinkle paint has an excellent success in the marine industry for standard and custom equipment where it is also used for its non-slip qualities as well as its appearance.
Common uses are then linked to customization or restore of car's details and motorbike, made it possible by the resistance of paint to gasoline and bad weather.
The evolution of technology now allows you to have numerous colors without overlay a layer of final colored paint. For more information about it we suggest to contact our technical staff.

Application and drying of the wrinkled paint
The finish can be applied by spray only, by a mixed airbrush (air or pump). This is because the success of a wrinkled uniform appearance is related to the homogeneity of the application that can only be obtained with the spray.
The paint is applied with a nozzle of 1.8-2.5 mm to 3-4 Atm pressure, avoiding dilutions of the paint. The recommended applicable thickness is 300 microns wet. It needs a high thickness, compared to normal paint, to give a wrinkling effect "big" as required by most customers.
Once applied the paint, after a drying of about 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to dry the surface applied at 80°C for 60-90 minutes. At this stage the coated manufacture assumes the wrinkled look.
We recommend cooking at 80°C because drying at lower temperatures can lead to not uniform or not perfectly reproducible results for articles in series. It is suitable for occasional users or privates only.
It is important to note how the pieces, after this cooking at 80°C, are formally ready for use but for any resistance test it is necessary wait for a time of 15-20 days in order to have the complete crosslinking of the wrinkled paint; this is due to the high thickness applied. The artifact is still manageable and can be placed on the market before this time. It should be noted that the application of paint on this thickness requires expedients to avoid the casting especially with small supports and with accentuated corners.

General technical information on the Cromas' wrinkled paint
The wrinkled paint requires necessarily drying by oven at 80°C because a drying at room temperature leads to a smooth surface without wrinkles. Drying at temperatures below 80°C leads to intermediate or not industrially reproducible results.
Many colors, but not all, are achievable. For example, the total white color can only be realized with the application of a second layer of paint.
The surface to be painted must not have residues of previous painting and must be completely clean. The application on polished metals needs a previously sanding.
The application on plastics, with or without primer according to their nature, however, requires a Tg or a melting temperature not lower than 80°C.
For industrial applications, furnaces with higher temperatures (eg 130-150°C) are required. However, a permanence at 80°C to form the wrinkles before the complete drying at elevated temperature is needed.
The wrinkled paint can also be purchased by private users. In order to make the application, however, a minimum experience in spray application is required, especially to avoid the casting at these thicknesses.
The product is currently available on base-solvent only

In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces, a test kit of the product is available. For information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on:
- wood
- metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc ...)
- plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc ...)
- glass