Aged Brass finish with paints

Aged Brass finish with paints

The various possibilities to make every surface a burnished brass color

Among the finishes most requested by our clients, especially architects and designers working in furnishing, there are the aged brass effect paintings in several modalities.

Brass is a metallic alloy already known in the old age, consisting of copper and zinc. It’s easily malleable and workable and its warm color similar to gold made it very successful. It’s easy to oxidize and, since the components that make it up are highly variable, it gives unique colors and burnishes.

Cromas’ Research&Development lab gives a lot of space to burnished finishes and we developed an ample range of these effects.

All the aged effects that we propose here are based on the application of burnishing coatings and on manual work to remove the coating.

This type of manufacturing is highly reproducible on a professional and industrial level and they are developed mainly for painting wooden and metallic surfaces, in the field of furniture and accessories.


This urban finish represents the aged industrial brass, where the original shades of the unmistakable color of the metal are well present and predominant. The burnishing is light and creates a uniform and variegated game, ideal for medium and large surfaces.

This effect is available in many colors. More information, such as the application cycle is available on the page of the vintage effect paints


Brass reflections emerge from this refined post-industrial effect painting, unique shades that repeat in a pattern both small than ample. The burnish is important, but the tone results in perfect harmony with the original color of the metal.

This effect is part of the series “Smoked Metals” with chiaroscuro effects colors, typical of the galvanic works. To see the other shades proposed and for more information visit the page of the product: Smoked Metals


Among the brass burnishing productions, one of the most wanted is brushing, where the glares of the metal emerge between the linings of the manufacturing. Refined but firm tones make this finish suitable for the most different pairing, classic or unexpected.

The clearer or darker color is governed by the application of more or less coating.

Every coating used for these productions has been studied specifically to be put together with the color of the metals and to allow an easy and reproducible manufacturing.

Many colors and application tutorials are available at the page of the website dedicated to the brushed metal effect paints

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