Brushed Brass Paint, metallic elegant paint for everry surface

Brushed metals effect paint

Fine finish with striped metal visual aspect and vibrant chiaroscuro effects.

The concept behind our range of “Brushed Metals” paints is to give any surface the typical galvanic metals glare. The subtle brushing captures light and gives the appearance of real brushed metal as coming from the scratching treatment applied to the superficial patina and allowing to uncover the underlying metallic layer. You can choose between a wide range of colors from bronze to steel, from brass to copper. All the finishes are characterized by the typical galvanic burnishing shades.

The Cromas Research and Development Laboratory has been focusing on the scrupulous and careful selection of raw materials: only metal powders that comply with requirements of brightness, coverage, strenght, homogeneity of application. All that, with the aim to reproduce the anodized metal visual sensation.

Application of brushed metal paint

The metallic finish of brushed anodized metal and its glare can be achieved through an easy painting process on different kind of surfaces:

  • this brushed metal coating is suitable for medium-small size surfaces
  • it can be applied on flat or complicated, tubular surfaces etc.
  • suitable for internal and external surfaces
  • brushed metal finish effective on different kind of materials

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