Aged copper effect paint

Antique copper

Antique copper

Antique copper effect paint

Transform any surface into old oxidized copper. Extremely realistic to the touch, in the opacity and in non-homogeneous appearance thanks to the chemical oxidation.

It is a painting cycle that makes the product really old copper and the surfaces are really old oxidized copper, with all corresponding nuances of color.
Our paint contains miniaturized and superficially passivated copper and iron which are oxidized directly on the painted surface in order to obtain an old copper effect totally real.
The old copper effect provides verdigris and rust spots of oxide of different shape and size adjustable through the application of the oxidant.

It is possible, depending on application, to obtain a more or less homogeneous old copper effect surface; it depends particularly on the method of application of the oxidizing solution. To get the maximum aged effect on real vertical surface, it is possible to apply the reactive forming falling drops along the surface; in this way you get the effect of “oxidized leaching” such as for the iron and copper artefacts left to bad weather for many years.

The result is obtained through the chemical oxidation of the paint and the use of high technology protective paints in order to produce artefacts with high resistance.
Goods painted with this product can be used indoors or outdoors; depending on this the most suitable transparent protective will be indicated.
For industrial and artisanal applications, we recommend to use a roller. For the application of artefact pose (eg.: gates, windows, stairs, mezzanine, etc …) you can also use a roller or a brush.

The effect can be layed-on:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc …)
  • plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc …)
  • glass

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