Chrome Effect Paint

Chrome Effect Paint

Bright Chrome Effect Paint

The R&D laboratory at Cromas has released a new version of our Chrome effect paint with more bright metallic shine. This effect can be painted on many different materials because we have specially formulated primers and transparents for the effect. This paint is for indoor use only as the base resin is not UV resistant.

When you paint a surface with the chrome, the result is a very realistic and shiny silver chrome finish that is also resistant. Besides painting a surface with chrome, you can also back paint glass and Plexiglass to create a mirror effect.

The product is solvent-based and must be sprayed with a spray gun.

Along with the standard chrome colour, you can also create coloured chrome surfaces. Through the use of our Coloured Solution transparents, you can create bright chrome  effect surfaces in Gold, Copper, Nickel, Bronze, and Black Chrome.

The metallic shine is more evident on curved surfaces. The same goes for metal plates, sheets and metallic materials because of the natural refraction and reflection of light.

Crono is a chrome paint that allows users to achieve a very realistic chrome effect. It is applied with a simple cycle that has excellent resistance to cleaning.

The paint cycle is as follows:

  • Black High Gloss Basecoat
  • Crono Silver Chrome Paint
  • Colour Solution to Enhance or to Change the Colour
  • Clear Protective Topcoat Layer – specially formulated to resist yellowing

Once painted, the pieces can dry in an oven or at room-temperature.

Unlike the galvanic chrome processes that require expensive equipment, baths of harsh chemicals, and pieces that have to be taken apart. Our chrome cycle leads to a brilliant finish that is easily reproducible without taking pieces apart.

Although the painting does not generate perfect results, our chrome effect is a very realistic, but above all, it is an easy and adaptable solution for commercial, artisan, and DIY users.

You can apply the chrome paints on many types of surfaces: plastic, metal and wood. Objects can be round, square, large, and small and the result will have the same shiny finish.

No special equipment is required besides a spray gun and air compressor. It is very helpful to have a clean area or spray cabin to obtain the best results.

Application surfaces are varied and include:

  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Bakelite
  • Phenolic Resins

Our Chrome painting process is suitable for big and small surfaces that are simple or complex in design. Here are a few application ideas:

  • Household Products and Decorative Items
  • Furniture – Custom and Commercial Production
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Commercial Products
  • Electronic Items
  • Lighting Fixtures and Accessories
  • MDF and HDF – Edges, Legs, and more
  • Display Stands
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Marine and Yacht Decoration

A sample kit of this paint effect is available for purchase. The sample kit will have 1 kg of each paint needed to make the effect. We supply primer, special effect paints, topcoat (if needed) and hardener and thinner for spraying. This can paint a 3-5 m2 area.

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