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Color Gold paint

Materic metallic golden surfaces

The research on metallic gold finishing, used to embellish and give a touch of color to design elements and furniture, is a constant in our work. We present here a review of the paints designed by Cromas that best represent the precious metal.


The warm tones, typical of the sun, reflections of ancient splendors getting lost in time. Metallic gold, evocative and alluring, for a compromise free, smooth and suitable for every surface gold-plating. An assertive color, that cannot be hidden.

It’s suitable for small and wide surfaces, even for pairing them with others. It can be coated with shiny or matte transparents, to create a game of reflections. Stable in the daylight, it’s one of the most wanted and appreciated colors.

It give its best when applied on curved surfaces, with very vivid metallic glares. It belongs to the collection Shiny Metals.


Confident gold, with a balanced nuance, suitable for pairing with multiple colors and essences. Lively, but not too warm, is a mature and sober gold, that allows grace to shine through, with its metallic look.

The tone is slightly more red than the “cousin” SM.007, both being a results of the research for the most cherished tones of the precious metal.

As every other product in the Shiny Metals collection, is suitable for both small and wide surfaces, even for pairing them up. It allows to get uniform surfaces with its good coverage. The recommended application is spray.

Like the other products of this series, it can be used outside, but must be covered with a shiny or matte transparent finishing.

A brief video tutorial is available to show the application of the paints SM.006 BISANZIO GOLD e SM.007 INCA GOLD:


In a series of golden paints for professional use, there must be a gold shade chrome effect, where the unique metallic reflection is given by its chrome base. The painting cycle is surely more demanding, because beside the chrome paint, there are the black primer and the transparents to be used, but it often represents the only solution to get very refined metallic reflections.

The chrome paint is especially suitable for not very wide surfaces and the possibility to use oven cycles increases the quality and the aesthetic reproducibility of the finishing. On complementary surfaces, it’s important to apply the same quantity of yellow gold transparent.

The painting is a cycle of the following sequence: shiny black primer, chrome paint, yellow blocking transparent and protective transparent.

The application is shown in this short video, while details on the chrome paint are available on the page relative to the chrome paint.

Color gold paint and resin: unexpected surfaces

When gold and resin get together, new, materic and metaphysical surfaces are created, charming and unexpected. With the Cromas three-dimensional resin, you can make golden veining and nets, reptile skin and creations limited only by your fantasy.

To know the three-dimensional resin and some of the possibilities offered for design and furnishing industry, we suggest to visit our page dedicated to three-dimensional resin.

How to choose the most suitable gold paint

For an optimal choice, it’s important to evaluate, together with our technical service, some practical features relative to the application and the surface to treat:

  • Destination of the finishing: internal or external
  • Resistance requirements, such as resistance to cleaning and rubbing
  • Stand-alone or paired surfaces, like drawers or doors.
  • Dimension and geometric features of the surface
  • Manual, automatic or other application

It’s advisable to provide the information to Cromas’ technicians to get the most suitable suggestion for your needs.

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