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Cromas Paints - About Us

Listening to the needs and insights of architects, designers and companies, we create solutions to paint with special properties

Cromas is a company located just outside of Milan, Italy. We specialize in the manufacturing, production, and sales of special effect paints and epoxy resins for casting and decoration. Our paints & resins were designed for professional, commercial and artisan use, but they can also be applied by Do-It-Yourself users.

The paints and resins effects are suitable for these industries:
– Interior Design & Furnishings
– Architecture
– Commercial and Industrial Products
– Exhibition and Display Products
– Artisans and Craftspersons
– Marine and Yachts
– Automotive and Motorcycle

Our finishes can be applied on many different materials and each surface will have the same beautiful and durable finish. We only change the primer to match the surface for the strongest adhesion of the paints.
– Metal (Iron, Aluminium, Brass, and more)
– Plastic (ABS,ABS-PC, and more)
– Wood
– Glass

Many of the paint effects are suitable for indoor and outdoor use along with designs that can be simple or complex.

For each of our paints, we have Technical Data Sheets to explain the application techniques. These sheets will help you obtain the best results in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability.

We provide paint solutions to designers, architects, and planners, supported by studies carried out by our research and development laboratory.

We are a team of people meeting other people: we listen to their plans, welcome their ideas, and offer advice on the application process so an idea can become a reality.

We love the transformation that happens when our paint effects are applied on materials to create original works and to reproduce special finishes with unique colours, shades, and textures.

We offer decorative paints and epoxy casting resins that produce beautiful visual effects with elegance and strength. The finishes transform the original materials or products into totally new objects that brings value and richness.

We love the functionality and practicality of our special paints finishes on many types of objects and surfaces.

We constantly watch the dynamics and challenges of the paints market to understand the expertise needed and how we can constantly improve the our production of paints.

We are specialized technicians able to suggest the best application methods to match the paint and the desired visual effect you want to achieve.

We strictly follow the ecological requirements for our industry and make any required technical adjustments in our products. All of that makes Cromas the ideal professional partner for your projects.

Meet Cromas
We are a team dedicated to developing special paint effects that will give your project a special look and feel
Our professional paints bring value and innovation to your projects
Paint effects for professional, commercial, and artisan use
Consistently reproducible results for mass production
Paints designed, produced and Made in Italy

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