Corten effect paint

Corten effect paint

The corten steel effect paint achieves surfaces with a weathering steel look

From our collection of rust finishes without metallic shine, the Cromas corten effect paint is a nice option to achieve a similar result of faux rust effect and oxidizing effect without real oxidation.

Fast and easy painting process to give surfaces the typical corten steel color or weathering steel look. Corten is a particular steel that becomes oxidized with time, exposed to all weather conditions. A visual appearance similar to rusty metal.

The weathering steel finish adds a textured tactile sensation and a highly realistic visual appearance.
Point of strenght of this faux rust effect with corten shades is the ease of application even on complex surfaces where the realistic effect is assured.

Suitable for interior and exterior.
Recommended application technique for good results: airbrush

Application of corten effect paint

The corten effect can be achieved through the use of a primer coat on different materials :
– wood
– metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc…)
– plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

Learn more about Corten steel at the following page:

Weathering steel

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