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Crackle Effect Paints

Our range of KRATOS Crackle effect paints represents a leap forward in the design of special finishes for furniture and interior design. Cromas has enhanced the line of four crackle paints to give each effect a unique visual texture.

The colour combinations vary from tone-on-tone colours to contrasting solid and metallic colours. These innovative effects reinterpret a traditional effect that is desired for its cracked appearance and timeless elegance. The KRATOS products are a result of the commitment by the Cromas Research & Development team in addition to extensive field testing.


Range of Crackle Effect Paints


The strong linear cracks of KRATOS BX8 resemble the appearance of ceramics or a city map. This paint effect creates a visually complex and fascinating texture that is ideal for surfaces that require a significant visual impact. The BX8 effect is achieved through the uniform application of the paint, which forms thin and precise cracks during the drying process resulting in an elegant and sophisticated appearance.



KRATOS BX10 develops fine cracks with many connecting lines that create a continuous and delicate texture. This product is perfect for surfaces that require a subtle and refined touch of elegance. The fine cracks are ideal for furniture and decor that need a discreet yet distinctive appearance in sophisticated and contemporary environments.



KRATOS BX12 features large cracks and bold lines that surround a network of finer cracks. This effect gives depth and visual texture to any surface. The BX12 effect is particularly suitable for furniture or decorative items that need to attract attention with the bold cracks and visual complexity.



KRATOS BX13 represents the classic crackle effect with traditional small to medium cracks and lines that evoke an authentic aesthetic. The classic lines offer vintage charm to surfaces that require a traditional crackle effect, but one that is modernized by Cromas.


Technical and Application Characteristics

The KRATOS paints are solvent-based spray paints designed for professional and industrial applications. Each application produces a unique crackle surface with results that vary due to the air pressure, the amount of paint applied, the paint thickness, and the room temperature. These variables allow for a broad range of finishes from thin and delicate to large and bold.

Painting Process

  1. Colored Primer: the primer or base color can be colored or transparent depending on finish requirement. The primer ensures uniformity, good adhesion, and a color for the application of the crackle paint layer.
  2. Intermediate for Crackle: This is a required layer to create the crackle effect. The intermediate interacts with the top paint layer to form the characteristic cracks and lines.
  3. Kratos Paint: Select from the variants: BX8, BX10, BX12, and BX13. Each variant offers a unique effect that allows for the customization of a project.
  4. Final Protective Clear Coat: The topcoat can be Matte, Glossy, or Semi-Matte depending on finish preferences. This final layer is necessary to protect the paint and increase its durability of the surface.

Versatility and Creativity

The painting cycle allows for the use of a wide range of solid and metallic base colors offering endless creative possibilities. The top crackle layer can color-match the base layer for a tone-on-tone effect, it can be any pastel color or some metallic paints. The endless colour options allow for unique combinations and the adaptation of the crackle effect to any decorative style.

Application Tips

  • Amount of Crackle: The greater the amount of paint applied, the larger the cracks; the smaller the amount of paint, the finer the cracks. This give the painter control of the crackle effect to achieve the desired result.
  • Application Pressure: The best results are achieved by applying the crackle at low air pressure (2 Atm). Low-pressure application ensures uniform paint distribution that is essential for achieving a homogeneous effect.
  • Application Tests: It is essential to conduct application tests to understand how different amounts of paint and various drying times are needed to achieve the desired result. Testing allows for the standardization of the painting process to ensure the final product meets aesthetic and functional expectations.

Applications and Usage Sectors

The Cromas crackle paints were specifically designed to be applied on furniture and decorative items together with the interior design industry. The effects can be used on various surfaces including: wood, metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc.), and plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc.). This significantly expands the possibilities of use, making the paints suitable for a variety of decorative and design projects.

Our suite of KRATOS paints combines tradition and innovation, offering unique solutions to transform surfaces and create stunning designs. Unlike commonly available crackle paints, our products are specifically developed for professional and industrial applications. They offer reproducibility of the application process that ensures the consistent results that is required for the production of high-level furniture pieces.

Addressing professionals and companies, Cromas guarantees high-quality products that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of furniture and decor. Our commitment to research & development, combined with extensive field experience, allows us to offer products that meet the highest industry expectations.

For further information, our technical staff is available to assist you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your creative and professional needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how our Crackle effect paints can transform your design projects.

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