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Decorative Metallic Epoxy Resin

Create A Realistic and Decorative Metallic Effect with a Trowel

 A Brilliant and Shiny Epoxy Resin with a High Concentration of Metallic Microspheres. Developed for Business and Professional use.

Pure Metal is a special product that allows users to create a shiny and highly durable metal surface on furniture, as wall decorations, and on floors.

The appearance of a surface decorated with resins from our Pure Metal Collection are very shiny, brilliant, and feature a subtle or bold 3D texture.

The polished Pure Metal colours interact with the light and metallic shades to create a beautiful surface. The application with a trowel also creates a unique 3D texture that can be one-of-a-kind or repeated for product series production.

The shiny metal surface reverberates in the light, but not like a paint, but like real polished metal – as this resin contains a high concentration of metal microspheres. This product is based on a solvent-free and water-free metallic epoxy resin with 100% solids materials. The product looks like a thick brown plaster and comes in various colours depending on the metallic colors in the mix.

Unlike other metallic paints, the Pure Metal Collection was developed with Cromas Paints extensive scientific experience in producing special effect paints and resins. We created a unique range of 10 metallic shades in beautiful natural and burnished colours. And all colours are metal based resins including the dark burnished colours. Each colour brings a special hue to the surface that creates a real polished metal finish with a smooth 3D texture.

Application Information for the Pure Metal Resin

The thickness of the resin is due to the high concentration of metals in the mixture. This allows for the decoration of horizontal and vertical surfaces with no issues of sagging material. After the applying the resin with a metal trowel, it is possible to continue to work on the surface to make the desired textured finish.

The Pure Metal Collection allows commercial industries to easily reproduce products or surfaces in a series. This is usually accomplished with a decorative roller or another standardized system.

The brilliant colours of the Pure Metal Collection include:

  • 01 ZINC
  • P02 BRASS
  • 03 BRONZE 5050
  • 04 BRONZE 7030
  • 05 COPPER

Our range of textured three-dimensional finishes include:

  • HUNTERS DREAM (use roller in straight line, reptile effect)
  • SILK ROAD (crumpled paper)
  • INDUSTRIAL ERA (random rolling on surface, grid effect)
  • DESERT PATH (use roller in straight line)
  • ANCIENT TIME (use roller in cross direction)

Important Technical and Application Information

Pure Metal is a bi-component and metallic epoxy resin that must be accurately mixed with the specified hardener. The base looks like a dark, thick paste and when mixed with the hardener, it creates the optimal thickness for easy spreading on horizontal and vertical surfaces with a trowel. The resin will be dry in about 24 hours.

After at least 48 hours of drying, it is possible to sand and polish the surface with an orbital sander and polishing machine. We suggest to use the following sandpaper grits – 240 / 360 / 500 / 1200 – to achieve a beautiful metallic shine. After sanding, polishing bring the surface to a brilliant shine as seen in the pictures.

The finished result is a one-of-a-kind metallic surface that is durable with a high resistance to scratching. Due to the high level of real metallic particles, the surface can oxidize over time just like any raw metal surface.

It is possible to protect the surface with wax or a transparent topcoat. We do not suggest these unless it is necessary because it can reduce the shine. As another option, apply our Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin in a thin layer over the 3D resin. This creates a transparent protective layer that is also very durable and shiny.

The application cycle includes applying a suitable primer on the surface. We suggest to tint the primer to a dark brown or tone on tone colour so you do not see the base material if you sand through the Pure Metal layer.

The “Pure Metal” resin is an extremely flexible product, suitable not only for artisanal and industrial processes but also for artistic creations, as can be seen in the following creation by Elisabetta Contini Orsetti who kindly allowed us to publish the photographs and make this video:

Application and Storage

The ambient temperature has an effect on the viscosity of the resin. The product should be stored in a warm area during the winter months. Before starting the application, it is suggested to warm up the resin to about  20°C.

The application of the resin must be carried out in a warm area especially during the winter months. The temperature during the application and hardening process should be more than 20°C. Below this temperature, the length of time need to dry the resin can be longer.

The surface material to be coated and the working area should be dry with low humidity in the air.

It is important to store the resin in a warm area during the winter months.

The Importance of Pre-Production Testing

The application of the Pure Metal metallic epoxy resin is easy for professionals and crafts people. However, we recommend that you always complete application tests. This is more important if there is no experience with type of product. Our goal is to provide the most practical application information. Our advice is based on our extensive research and testing. But there are many factors in this process, so it is always advisable to test each product before moving on to the production stage.

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