Differences between rust effect paint and corten paint

Differences between rust effect paint and corten paint

The more requested oxidized effect paints are very different

In Cromas we developed many materic paints to make the look of painted surfaces close to the one of oxidized metals. Among these, there are two products that we want to distinguish for their look and innate features.

Before looking into every difference, we must clarify: the rust effect paint developed by Cromas drops real rust on the painted surface, while the corten effect paint is a realistic imitation of the color and the rusty look typical of the corten steel.

Both the look and the application technique are very different, such as the final use of the painted surface.

We gathered the main differences in a chart, to help you choose the product that is more suitable to your needs.

Type of oxidationReal, iron gets truly oxidized on the surface.Simulated: oxide and iron hydroxides are used, plus microspheres able to confer a highly realistic effect.
General resistance of the final surfaceLike every oxidized metal, the resistance is low, but can be enhanced through transparent protective products, that will tend to make it look a little “less real” but more resistant.

Outdoor, the resistance and the cleaning are more complicated.

The surfaces are very resistant both to cleaning and to light and therefore are suitable for the outdoors. Like every extremely matte product, it requires attention.
Simplicity of the application cycleThe application cycle for the real oxidation includes several steps:

–        Primer

–        Iron base

–        Oxidation

–        Washing

–        Rust blocker

–        Transparent protective

The application cycle is simple:

–        Primer

–        Corten effect base

–        Transparent protective

It’s possible to realize surfaces with a complex and tubular look, for example railings and urban décor.

VerticaL surfacesVertical surfaces oxidize less than horizontal ones, but are appreciated by those clients who are looking for a washed out effect, highest expression of realism.The vertical surfaces can be painted without shortcomings.
Reproducibility and surfaced that can be coupledLike two rusty sheets are never the same, two painted and oxidized surfaces will never be. It’s an inherent feature, that’s often sought-after and appreciated.The surfaces can be reproduced quite faithfully if the same quantity of paint and application method are kept.

In summary:

If you are looking for a paint that simulates the rusty effect with a quick and therefore economic cycle, characterized by UV resistance, you should choose the corten effect paint, that is now available in two colors: AX.01 CORTEN e AX.02 LIGHT CORTEN

If you are looking for a paint able to cover the surfaces with a REAL oxidized effect and you appreciate the materic authenticity and a variability in the result and a limited resistance of the surface, the most suitable choice will be the rusty effect paint.

We invite you to look at the pages of the product for details and instructions:

Corten effect paint

Rust effect paint

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