High elasticity flexible paint

High elasticity flexible paint

Resistance to twisting and bending is the main feature of the elastic paints developed thanks to the Cromas’ experience, for surfaces destined to various usage, joining technical and aesthetic characteristics. Collaborating with several industrial realities, during time Cromas has developed an entire series of superflexible paints that include:

  • Transparent and colored primers
  • Colored finishes (white, black, almost every color), metallic (aluminum, gold, glitter, etc…)
  • Lucid and matte trasparent finishes
  • Soft-touch (soft to the touch) and grip (non-slip) finishes

We made a brief video tutorial to illustrate the painting of flexible articles and the flexibility characteristics of the treated surfaces:

All these paints are made with highly resistant polyurethane resins, two-components, cross-linked with aliphatic isocyanate. Many of these paints can confer the maximum resistance also in outdoor environments. The high degree of crosslinking brings the paint film to be flexible avoiding cracks. The paint film is deformed under the action of external forces and if these forces are not excessive, it can be brought back to the initial position.

All these products, developed to be used by industries and professionals, are only for solvent-based spray applications. The drying at room temperature presents a timing normally superior to 4 hours, accelerable with an oven drying.

The surfaces that are more commonly painted are elastomers, like polyurethane, PVC and natural rubber. The final articles can be articles for sports, for example, or objects dipped in aqueous environments, like soles, shoes, leather, leather goods, eco-leather, handbags and fashion items in plastic materials.

It’s always recommended an application after adhesion test, since the presence of plasticizers or silicones in the mix can have a negative impact on the adhesion and therefore on the resistance.

We want to point out that not all flexible materials are suitable to paint, in particular the silicon that never allows adhesion of the paint. Instead, the presence of plasticizers can soften the paint and cause detachment in time.

This is a very technical product, we recommend to use our technical service giving details of the application to receive advice based on our experience.

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