Epoxy resin for three-dimensional decorations

Epoxy resin to paint for three-dimensional decoration

Workable and paintable, suitable for vertical application.

The resin for three-dimensional decorations is the ideal product, developed by Cromas, to create original surfaces, with a unique appeal. Unique of its kind, it allows to create truly three-dimensional patterns, ideal to be painted with Cromas’ special paints.

The resin is easy to use and it’s applied with a spatula, that will spread it more or less evenly on the support. The spreading process, however reproducible on industrial scale, keeps its originality since every support can be decorated in a unique and peculiar way. Suitable for curved surfaces too, the resin is easily applicable on tables and MDF panels.

An original and unseen combination is the re-coating of the finishing made with the three-dimensional resin with epoxy casting resins. The three-dimensionality of the first is highlighted by the depth created by the second. A duo that can satisfy designer needs, while keeping to the highest level the endless possibilities of craftsmanship and manufacturing.

The combination suggested and ideal is with epoxy low thickness casting resins.

The use of decorative spatulas and decorative rollers gives space to express your imagination and realize decorations in various and unique ways. The medium thickness typical of these decorations is 1-2mm, although it’s possible to further increase the final thickness, according to the desired final effect. All of this is possible thanks to the thixotropy of the product, formulated without volatile materials or VOC and containing 100% solids. When the product dries, the decoration created doesn’t lose volume and remains almost intact.

Unique surfaces, even opaque or lucid white, black or any other color are enhanced with elegance and uniqueness by this three-dimensional resin. Another combination suggested for this resin is with texture paints; the result is an endless series of unique and original finishes, limited exclusively by your imagination. Some suggestions can be:

  • Waves and sand dunes effect
  • Circular effect
  • Wooden effect
  • Crocodile leather effect
  • Crossed patterns

Here are some examples of textured paints combined with three-dimensional resin:

  • brushed metal effect finishes
  • burnished metal effect finishes
  • metallic gold, brass, bronze and steel paints
  • cement paint
  • chrome paint
  • oxidized metal and fake oxidized metal finishes
  • fabric effect paint

Technical knowledge on three-dimensional epoxy resin

Three-dimensional epoxy resin, like every high-solid epoxy resin, is a two-component product, with an approximate pot-life of around 50 minutes; this feature is influenced by the temperature of the room you are working in and the mass of the product.

The product still keeps its “workability” for a longer time; once spread, it’s possible to finish the decoration and to make some changes and restore the initial decoration if necessary.

After around 1-2 days, based on the thickness and the temperature of the workplace, the resin dries and gets a hard, generally lucid white look. Once reached this stage, it’s possible to operate on the dedicated three-dimensional resin support all the typical works of decorating, like sanding, polishing, cut, drilling and milling.

If you want to paint the support enhanced by the three-dimensional resin, we suggest to proceed within 36-48 hours from the application. After this time, it’s possible to apply the paint after sanding and/or applying a gripping primer.

Beside application on wood and MDF/HDF supports, the three-dimensional resin can be applied on other surfaces, such as metals, after applying a gripping primer.

Indoor and outdoor surfaces

The three-dimensional epoxy resin was born as a “support” that can be painted, therefore its use is suitable for indoor and outdoor, as long as you coat it with a product that has the technical features of resistance needed for the destined environment. Indoor, the product will be painted for indoor finishes, while outdoor it will be painted with outdoor finishes.

Regarding the indoor application, we suggest to paint on the white resin too, because even if it’s produced with low-yellowing raw materials, its nature is still epoxy and therefore subject to color changes, especially with white color.

Regarding the outdoor application, it’s necessary to apply an appropriate primer, possibly with corrosion protector, on metal supports and on finishes that have the right resistance for this kind of use.

One last aspect regarding the outdoor usage is the thickness; since the procedure is to lay thicker layers compared to the common paints, we recommend to limit the exposure of the artifacts to excessive thermal fluctuations.

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