Introduction to decorative epoxy resins

Decorative Epoxy Resin – Introduction

Introducing the World of Resins by Cromas

 This crystal clear epoxy resin offers many creative possibilities that are easily recognized when you see a finished project.

The crystal clear transparency of the dried resin showcases an objects beauty with a very high level of durability. These characteristics make the Cromas epoxy resins a unique material that can be used in professional industries from furniture to architecture to interior design.

This glossy resin is beautiful when used as a thin topcoat layer or with various materials inserted into the Medium or High Thickness resins to produce a clear, solid, and transparent surface.

Through the play of light and shadows with the suspended materials. These resins are an ideal medium that offer an ifinite range of creative options. The crystal clear transparency of the dried resin showcases the objects or materials encased in the resin, making it possible to clearly see what could only be imagined before.

In this section, we present the new Resins developed by Cromas. This state of the art product was designed for manufacturers and professionals, who in the past, were limited to resins available from a DIY store.

Our range of transparent epoxy resins have been extensively studied to meet the  requirements for custom manufacturing and series production. The range of products makes it possible to choose the most suitable resin for the level of performance or resistance required.

Given Cromas Paints extensive experience in the special paints sector, these resins are the result of research and experimentation in our primary business areas of custom and mass production of furniture. Even more exciting is the combination of these resins with our special effect paints that brings new creative solutions to any project.

We kindly invite you to contact our technical staff to find the best solution for your project or series production.

transparent, self levelling, epoxy resin with glass-like effect

transparent, self levelling, epoxy resin, glass-like effect, low thickness application over wood and other finishes

Transparent epoxy resin, 2-3 cm thick with inserted small objects

Transparent epoxy resin, 2-3 cm thick with inserted small objects, maximum transparency with many light colours available

Transparent epoxy resin for high thickness and encased objects

Bi-component, transparent epoxy resin for high thickness and encased objects. Low heat curing reaction, maximum resistance to UV rays and yellowing

Stunning epoxy metallic resins, allow the creation of wonderful 3D effect

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