Fluorescent Paint

Fluorescent effect

Add A Bright Neon Touch To Many Surfaces

The fluorescent paints are a collection of bright neon colours for surfaces that want to be highly visable. The effect is similar to the colours of the highlighters markers.

The colours available (colours can have different minumum order) are:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Fuchsia
  • Acid Green

These bright colours have become more trendy lately and you can use them on many types of surfaces, designs, and objects in the artisan and commercial industries. The colours on screen are for reference only.

Typical characteristic of fluorescent colors is the high duration of the effect when used indoors (fluorescent colors are not suitable for use outdoors).

Normally the fluorescent paint is proposed in an opaque finish because this is the version required by the market and the one that produces the best results of coverage and homogeneity on large surfaces.

A version (layed over with transparents) to make the fluorescent effect glossy or soft to the touch is also available. This version has direct cohesion on many supports such as polyurethane bases, epoxy primers, and common plastics such as ABS and ABS-PC.

The Fluorescent paint effects results in a surface with high strength and is repeatable for commercial or industrial applications. These include:

  • Household Products and Decorative Items
  • Furniture – Custom and Commercial Production
  • Helmets for Sports
  • Bicycle Parts and Accessories
  • Sport Equipment
  • Informational Signs for Warehouse and Business
  • Handles for Furniture, Products and more
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Commercial Products
  • Electronic Items
  • Lighting Fixtures and Accessories
  • Display Stands
  • Exhibition Stands

A sample kit of this paint is available for purchase. The sample kit will have 1 kg of each paint needed to make the effect. We supply primer, special effect paints, topcoat (if needed) and hardener and thinner for spraying. This can paint a 3-5 m2 area.

This paint effect can be sprayed on:

  • Wood, MDF, HDF
  • Metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • Plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc.)
  • Glass

There is often confusion between the Fluorescent and the Phosphorescent paint effects. We want to explain in simple terms what are these two types of colors:

FLUORESCENT paints: paints with bright neon colors like a typical office highlighters

Fluorescence colours are in the visible spectrum, so they can be seen by the human eye. They absorb radiation from the ultraviolet spectrum – not visible to the human eye – and release it in the visible spectrum as bright colours.

PHOSPHORESCENT paints: also called glow-in-the-dark or photoluminescent paints. These are paints that absorb light and reflect it as a glow when the lights go out.

For more information about Fluorescence, visit the following websites:
Fluorescence – En Wikipedia
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Difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence

Without going into detail, we can say that fluorescence and phosphorescence are very similar phenomena that manifest themselves for different times of release the light after a luminous exicitation.

The distinction between the two processes depends on the release time: in fluorescence the luminescence ends almost immediately after removing the light source, while in phosphorescence the light continues to be emitted, at least for a short period, even after removing the exciting source.

Both phenomena start from a molecular excitation with luminous radiation, more effective in the ultraviolet.
For more information about the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence we recommend visiting the following links:
Molecole – yahooAnswer
What is the difference between Fluorescence and phosphorescence

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