Glitter paint

Glitter effect

Glitter effect

Paint with glitter for a sparkle glitter effect

Paint with sparkling flakes, usually called glitter, that are similar to those used in cosmetics but more resistant; in fact, they are suitable for water-based paint and solvent-based paint.

The glitter have a square or hexagonal form, observable only by skilled eye or with the microscope; it consists in thin metal plates settled with vacuum metallization and then protected in order to have an appearance of real metal; in fact they are also called metalflakes.

For professional use, particularly on wood for contract furniture and accessories for furniture, and on metal / plastic to make sport articles such as bicycles, skateboards, helmets, etc …

It is possible to mix different background colors and different concentrations of glitter to obtain a “sparkle” effect. It is also possible to create surfaces in which the colour is the glitter that covers completely.
The most requested effect, because it is also the one where you see more the brilliance, is the shiny clear. Since the glitter has dimensions between 100micron and 200micron (larger than those of other pigments) to ensure visual professional results, we prefer to insert the glitter in a base for double layer and then lay-on the glossy transparent in order to hide the shape of the small glitter and leave a perfect shiny surface.
To know what colors are available, please contact us.

In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces, a test kit of the product is available, for information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed by the use of a primer on:
– wood
– metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc …)
– plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc …)
– glass
– version applicable for interior walls

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