Holographic paint: chameleon effect paint, color change rainbow effect

Chameleon effect multichromatic paint

AURORA is a paint that allows to have a multicolored surface. According to the angle of observation, any of the colors shows a net chromatic change, generating multicolored glares in continuous mutation.

The polychromatic effect results more evident on rounded surfaces and applying it on black. The iridescent appearance can be enhanced by applying a lucid transparent on that, creating a lens effect.

Also a matte transparent can be used as a final transparent, giving elegant and never obvious tones. It is also possible to apply a soft-touch transparent to pair the multicolor effect with a soft touch and a matte look.

On flat surfaces the rainbow effect is less gushing, but still evident. In making for example furniture surfaces, the Aurora finish creates unique visual sensations combined with the illumination, especially with radiations matching the ones of led lamps.

While painting the lamps shown in the previous pictures, a brief tutorial has been realized to explain the process:

AURORA’s colors sold today are 3, selected thinking about their characteristics of iridescent effect, resistance and consistency in supply. All these products are for professional and industrial use, solvent based and studied to be applied with a spray gun or mixed air pump.

In the catalogue “Special Paints V1.22” the three colors are proposed without transparent.

AR.001 PURPLE AURORA: The predominant color is purple with net color change towards green

AR.002 GREEN BUBBLES: The predominant color is beetle green with color change towards orange

AR.003 NORTHEN LIGHTS: The predominant color is a metallic water green with a color change towards light blue

In the images here, only applications on black are shown because they represent almost the totality of requests that arrive to the company, but it’s possible to apply on white and other colors too. The application on white background gives iridescent but feeble tones, surely less invasive compared to the ones applied on black. The application on colored backgrounds must be evaluated from color to color.

These paints are for professional use and show a good resistance to UV radiations.

AURORA DSA can be applied after using a primer on:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminum, brass, etc…)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, Nylon)

It’s possible to apply directly on some plastic materials such as ABS, ABS-PC. In this case we always recommend an application trial to evaluate the adherence and potential absorption.

For more information on the functionality of a prism, we recommend to visit the following links:


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