Chamaleon holographic paint

Chameleon Holographic paint

Holographic paints can bring the chameleon rainbow multi-coloured effect over a light color background (ex. White or grey), but the maximum visual effect can be reached on surfaces with black background. The effect can be seen at the fullest when the painted surface is hit by direct light or when changing the angle of observation.

They are also called prismatic paints because they achieve the visual effect of all the rainbow colors. Due to the micro particles that make up the painting, light is broken into different length of waves of the visible spectrum, just like the classic chandelier crystals.

Colors on the screen are approximate. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about the available colors.

Application of the chameleon holographic effect

The holographic iridescent effect can be applied through the use of a primer coat over different kind of materials and surfaces to achieve the desired changing color effect:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminum, brass, etc…)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

To learn more about prism and how it works we advice to visit the following informative page:
Prism – En.Wikipedia

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