How to Apply the EROS Soft Touch paint

Application Cycle on Wood, Metal, Plastic

On this page, we will disucss the application of EROS Soft Touch paint. This elegant paint effect gives a soft and smooth rubbery touch to many surfaces. It is one of the most poplular products from Cromas. Our research and careful formulation have resulted in a product that combines five essential characteristics:

  • A Very Soft Rubbery Like Feel
  • A High Level of Resistance and Flexibility
  • Can be Air Dried or Oven Dried
  • Direct Adhesion on ABS and ABS-PC Plastic Surfaces
  • A Transparent Paint Effect that allows you to See the Colour of the Surface or the Colour of the Primer

Cromas also developed an industrial version that is specific for the application on painted plastics used in electronic equipment.

For more information and to see pictures and colours of this paint, visit our product web page:

Cromas Soft-touch paint

This is a product developed for professional use. It is used for industrial applications especially in the areas of electronic devices and also for furniture, accessories and lighting.

 The minimum requirements for the application of the EROS Soft Touch is:

  • A clean area or spray booth to spray solvent-based paints and a gravity feed spray gun with a tip size of 1.2 to 1.8 mm

The types of industries that use this paint effect are divided into two main categories:

  • Industrial companies with production lines
  • Production of Furniture and Accessories on Various Surfaces

Before beginning industrial production or a one-time only project using the EROS Soft Touch paint, we suggest to do application tests to understand the application of the paints.

Painting Surfaces:

This paint can be applied on Metal and Aluminium with a suitable primer. Before painting, the surfaces must be sanded and cleaned with a degreaser or paint thinner.

On Plastics such as ABS and ABS-PC, you can apply the paint directly on the surface. If the surface is another type of plastic or the surface needs to be a colour, a suitable primer must be applied first. The paint can not be sprayed on PP or similar plastics.


  • The paints should be applied with a gravity feed spray gun with a tip size of 1.2 to 1.8 mm. The spray tip size is related to the size of the surface
  • The air pressure should be 3 to 4 Atm
  • The paint should be applied in one even cross-coat layer. You can not apply a topcoat
  • To see the surface or design on the material, this application cycle uses a transparent primer
  • In the application video, we show you how to apply the Soft Touch paints to see the texture of a wood surface and on a coloured surface

The wonderful look and feel of the Soft Touch paint is obtained with the application of one wet and even layer of paint. We suggest one cross-coat layer.

It is important that the application thickness is even on all areas of the surface so the look and feel of the painted surface is the same.

Drying of the EROS Soft Touch Paint:

The Soft Touch can be air dried or oven dried. When dried in an oven, generally, the paint is more resistant and dries faster. The paint also dries evenly at room temperature in about 24 hours. In the winter or in colder areas, the drying time can be longer. We suggest to test the application to understand the drying times.

Note: The information provided is based on our high level of experience and testing. It is suggested to do application tests to develop the application and drying processes that are optimal for your product or surface.

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