How to apply the Wrinkle Paint on Metal and Plastics

How to apply the Wrinkle Paint

Application cycle for the Wrinkle paint in Black and other colours

On this page we will discuss the application of the Wrinkle paint. A classic and elegant three-dimensional paint effect. For more information about this paint effect with sample pictures and colours, visit our webpage for this paint: Wrinkle Paint by Cromas

This paint effects was developed For Professional Use and experienced users. The paint is used in many industrial applications, but especially for automotive manufacturers. Cromas is the exclusive supplier of multiple colours to several famous Italian sports car manufacturers. You can see this in the IMDS database.

The minimum requirements for the application of the Wrinkle paint is:
A cabin or spray booth to spray solvent-based paints and a gravity feed spray gun with a tip size of 1.8 to 2.5 mm
An oven that is able to reach at least 80°C to bake and dry the paint for 1 to 2 hours

The types of industries that use this paint effect are divided into two main categories:
Automotive production and restoration
Industrial companies with production lines

Before beginning industrial production or a one-time restoration project using the Wrinkle paint, we suggest to do application tests to understand the application of the paints.

Surface Preparation:
The paint can be applied directly on clean metal and aluminium. The pieces must be sanded and cleaned with paint thinner or degreaser before spraying.

If the material is a durable plastic that can resist oven temperatures of 80°C, a primer must be applied first. The most common type of plastic used with Raggrinzante is the glass-filled Nylon 6.6 material.

The Wrinkle paint is pre-mixed and does not need a paint hardener. If needed, a paint thinner can be added at the maximum of 10% by weight. We do not suggest to dilute this paint because it was made at the proper viscosity to make the wrinkle effect.

Because this paint has a higher viscosity, it must be sprayed with a nozzle size of 1.8 to 2.5 mm. Smaller nozzles are not suitable for a paint of this thickness. The air pressure should be 3-4 Atm. The application must be continuous and even on the surface. For larger or vertical pieces, it is suggested to spray 2-3 layers to prevent sagging of the paint. Wait 5-10 minutes between each layer.

It is important that the application is completed in one painting session. It is not possible to apply another layer after one hour, for example. If too much time has passed between layers, the paint will begin to dry and the wrinkle will be affected.

Wrinkle Thickness and Application Thickness:
The finished result of the wrinkle paint will depend greatly on the thickness of the paint sprayed on the surface. The most common application thickness is 300 μm (microns) thick to be able to see a nice wrinkle effect on the surface.

If the application is on automotive parts and valve covers, the application thickness should be 500 μm. This thickness results in a thicker dried finish that has very a nice three-dimensional wrinkle effect that is even across the surface. This thickness has been successfully tested in a salty environment for 2000 hours as required by our sports car customers.

Application of the wrinkle paint in a lower thickness, such as 200 μm produce a smoother wrinkled with less three-dimensional effect. It is also more matt and anti-reflective. The result are wrinkles that are finer and closer to each other.

If the paint is applied with a very low thickness, the wrinkle effect may not appear when dried and it will be more shiny.

It is important to spray an even and thick layer of paint on the whole surface to achieve the result of a good wrinkle effect.

Oven Drying of Wrinkle Paint:
The wrinkle paint must be dried in an oven with a minimum temperature of 80°C. We suggest the oven temperature be at least 90°C. Check the temperature of the piece with a laser thermometer. For the best result, it is important to put the painted piece in a pre-heated oven that is at least 80°C.

Avoid using materials such as wood and other plastic materials that can not be put in the oven at this high temperature.

It is possible to dry the painted pieces with IR lamps, but this drying method can lead to a surface that is not evenly dried and can result in different wrinkle effects across the surface. We do not suggest to use IR lamps for drying.

The painted piece must be left in the oven for at least 60 minutes, but we suggest 90 minutes. After this time, the piece is dry and can be handled when cool. The wrinkle paint is fully cured in about 20 days.

Storing the Wrinkle Paint:
The wrinkle paint produced by Cromas Paints is a special product that is packaged so that it does not produce a skin on the paint for about 6 months – that is if the product is not shaken. Once the can is open and stirred, it is highly suggested to use all the paints in 1 to 2 weeks.

After this time and depending on the room temperature, the paint can develop a skin on the surface. If there is skin on the top of the paint, it is necessary to remove the skin and filter the paint before use. If this is not possible, we suggest to open a new fresh can of paint.

To provide a paint that is always fresh, we regularly produce the wrinkle paint in 1 kg cans. This is also a good amount of paint for a small project. The paint should be stored in dry area with temperatures between 5°C to 25°C.

The information provided here is based on our high level of experience and testing with this product. It is highly suggested that you use this information and test spray and dry the wrinkle paint to better understand the application process.

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