Ice effect paint

Afrodite ice effect paint

Amazing liquid crystal effect on any surface

The ice effect paint is one of the special finishes realized by Cromas that allows to achieve particular effects on any surface. Color rich of shades and irregular texture: a real imitation of ice.

The icy effect of our Afrodite paint can be applied to different materials:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic

The description below shows the potentiality of this spectacular effect.

Description of Cromas ice effect paint

The ice effect paint developped in our Research and Development Laboratory creates an impactful three-dimensional effect, giving all surfaces an unequalled look. An amazing realistic liquid effect spreads on the most common materials like wood, metal or plastic. They can get a unique look through this special icy effect.

Soon after the painting process, an irregular texture of ice comes into life. The ice paint represents a unique way to transform the appearance of furniture and to embellish any environment with jagged design elements.
Suitable for internal and external surfaces – provided the area is not suject to solicitations.

Application of the Cromas ice effect paint

The liquid crystals and ice effect painting process is quite simple and can be applied to different kinds of surfaces. The ice paint can be applied to:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic

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