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With dozens of special effect paints in our line of Materic Effect Paints, it is easy to transform any surface into something completely new.

Nearly all of these effects follow the application process of building up layers of different paints to achieve a surface that has been transformed.

This can range from the smooth and glossy Chrome and Shiny Metal finishes to the textured finishes like Concrete, Bright Metallic Stone, and River Stone.

Make your new surface look old, oxidized and aged with our Oxidized paints, Aged and Smoked paints, and, of course, a variety of Rust paints.

Finish the surface with other effects like the smooth and rubber like EROS paint, or the velvety soft Fabric Effect paints.

No matter which paint effect you choose, your project or surface will take on a whole new look that is durable and long lasting.

All the paint effects can be applied on Wood, Metal, and many Plastics. And the finished effect will be the same for all surfaces. We only change the primer to suit the surface material.

The one path we follow for all our paints is to use high quality raw materials, and where possible, natural elements to enhance the touch and appearance of the finished surface.

Paints for Professional and Artisan use

Paints developed, manufactured and Made In Italy
Reproducible results for commercial or industrial series production

Rusty paint, rust effect paint. Turn any surface into rusty material.

Rusty paint: transforms any surface into rusty material. Extremely realistic to the touch, and opaque and unique in appearance.

Corten effect paint, turn any surface in a new one with the look of the corten steel

Corten effect paint: simple process to obtain a surface with the typical oxidized corten steel appearance.

Blackboard effect paint

Surfaces treated with this paint can then be written with a normal white chalk and be cleaned with a cotton rag, as the classic old blackboards.

Old bronze effect paint, turn any surface in aged bronze with an oxidized look

Old bronze effect is a paint that makes the product indistinguishable from old bronze. The surfaces are really oxidized, with all the corresponding shades of color.

Verdigris effect paint, true green oxidized copper

Verdigris effect paint: extremely realistic and indistinguishable from the real metal. In a few hours you get the work developed in nature over the years by unfavorable weather.

Cement effect paint, the look, texture and touch of the tru concrete

Simply transforms any surface into cement. Suitable for wood, metal, plastic, glass and paving. Ideal for surfaces of any size and use.

Fabric effect paint, the touch and the look of a jeans effect

Velvet effect paint for wood, metal and plastic; suitable for industry and handicrafts. The result is a velvet soft but clear surface, completely opaque, antireflection and anti-slip.

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