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No limits to the imagination! Now you can transform the materials with the materic paints.

The need to create particular forms, both trhough artisanal and industrial production processes, leads to use traditional or easy to work materials which will be transformed by the intuition of the designer or the design architect in what he most wants.

To satisfy these needs, the materic paints are very useful since they are the easiest way to change color, visual appearance or touch of a support, and all this with a simple and quick operation workable both on industrial and artisanal scale, the painting.

All finishes analyzed by our technicians to industries, designers and design architects are characterized by the use of raw materials of high quality and where possible naturality to satisfy the requirements of touch and visual appearance of the surfaces to be painted. In particular, we offer these real effects:

Rusty paint, rust effect paint

Rusty paint: transforms any surface into rusty material. Extremely realistic to the touch, and opaque and unique in appearance.

Corten effect paint

Corten effect paint: simple process to obtain a surface with the typical oxidized corten steel appearance.

Blackboard effect paint

Surfaces treated with this paint can then be written with a normal white chalk and be cleaned with a cotton rag, as the classic old blackboards.

Old bronze effect paint

Old bronze effect is a paint that makes the product indistinguishable from old bronze. The surfaces are really oxidized, with all the corresponding shades of color.

Verdigris effect paint

Extremely realistic and indistinguishable from the real metal. In a few hours you get the work developed in nature over the years by unfavorable weather.

Cement effect paint

Simply transforms any surface into cement. Suitable for wood, metal, plastic, glass and paving. Ideal for surfaces of any size and use.

Fabric effect paint

Velvet effect paint for wood, metal and plastic; suitable for industry and handicrafts. The result is a velvet soft but clear surface, completely opaque, antireflection and anti-slip.

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