No-slip paint

Grip, non-slip paint

Grip, non-slip paint

Anti-slip effect paint with braking effect for wood, metal and plastic

This paint is designed to give braking and anti-slip effect to surfaces allowing for example a solid grip as in the case of umbrella handles or inclined surface in which you must place objects without these slipping with ease.

Grip non-slip paint produced by us is not a simple rough paint, it looks perfectly smooth to the eye and to the touch. The non-slip functionality is in fact obtained thanks to special resins.
The appearance of the braking paint is transparent and can be used on any color.
The paint is usually proposed as a high-gloss finish, where you get the best results in terms of non-slip. It is also possible to provide antislip opaque paint but minimum quantities must be required. For these requests you must contact our technical staff.
This paint is not suitable for permanent foot traffic.
The Cromas’ non-slip paint is based on polyurethane resins with high functionality to solvent crosslinked with hardeners based on aliphatic isocyanates pure. The yellowing resistance is good.
The cleaning of painted surfaces must be done with a soft sponge moistened with water and mild soap if necessary.
In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces, a test kit of the product is available; for information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed-on:
– wood
– metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc …)
– plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc …)
– glass

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