Oxidizer for Corten steel

Oxidizer for Corten steel

Oxidizer for Corten steel

Cycle for oxidation and protection of Corten steel

We propose an oxidation cycle bland but rapid, so that it can be run on various supports in short times. The effect is that of the classic corten effect but depending on how it is applied to the oxidant, it is possible to obtain a more or less homogeneous effect.

In particular:
– The nuanced application of the oxidant for corten steel effect leads to a homogeneous oxidation.
– The “generous” application of the oxidant leads to the “oxidation leaching” effect on vertical surfaces, with drops and traces of oxidized liquid.
– The “generous” application of the oxidant on flat surfaces leads to the formation of more or less large spots of oxidized corten steel, almost like a geographical map.
In any case, the application allows in 2-8 hours to obtain an oxidation comparable to that of exposure to atmospheric agents for at least one year.
The oxidant and protective cycle for corten steel consists of:
– oxidizing solution
– primer that blocks the oxidation
– opaque finish with resin like bodywork
This painting cycle is solvent-based. For applications in environments where it is necessary to respect the VOC standards, after application of the oxidant (which is water based), we recommend the use of protective waxes that can be purchased in a variety of paint factories. Although they are less effective than painting, as only maintenance usually require to be re-applied at recommended frequencies.

In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces a test kit of the product is available, for information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The effect can be applied on Corten steel, oxidation is also possible on the following metals:
– iron
– copper
– cast iron
– brass
the final results are, however, different depending on the metal and the porosity of the surface of the individual artifacts.

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