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“Variazioni metalliche” catalogue

The Variazioni Metalliche paints features beautiful metallic finishes such as Vintage, Smoked, and Brushed Metal effects. They were designed with the goal to create antique surfaces with a very realistic appearance. The Variazioni metalliche collection embellishes surfaces and objects adding charm with a modern style.

Variazioni Metalliche catalog

“Esperienze Metalliche” catalogue

The Esperienze Metalliche collection of chrome and metallic paints have been developed to give surfaces the texture of real metal in many different shades. The ease of application with our metallic finishes allows them to be used on a wide range of materials from wood to metal to plastics. They are an optimal finish to decorate products and accessories in industries such as: architecture, furniture, interior design, professional and hand crafted products.

Esperienze Metalliche catalog

“Istinti materici” catalogue

This catalogue showcases a variety of textured effects that significantly changes the appearance of a surface or product. The result is a finish that has an artistic appearance with a very nice texture. The Istinti Materici collection is suitable for many types of surfaces and surely enhances the products visual appeal.

Istinti Materici catalog

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