Rusty paint

Rust Effect Paint

Naturally Oxidized Rust Paint Effect

This unique Rust paint will naturally transform any new or old surface into an authentic rusty surface. It is extremely realistic to see and feel.

Our Rust painting cycle is a natural process that changes the material to real rusted surface. In our formula, we use a base layer that contain real metal and iron particles that become rusty when activated by our oxidization solution.

Depending on the application of the oxidization solution, it is possible to obtain a surface that is evenly rusted or irregular.

The result also depends on how the material is positioned during the application.

  • On vertical surfaces, the application of the activator leads to a leaching effect where the oxidizing liquid will run down the surface to make streaks of oxidization
  • On horizontal surfaces, the generous application of the oxidant leads to pools of the liquid and the formation large spots with deeper coloured oxidization

In the end, both applications will mimic rusty metal that has been outdoors for many years.

Once the rust phase has finished, the application of one of our high technology matt topcoats will preserve the look and provide a high level of resistance. A surface painted with this rust effect can be used indoors and outdoors.

For industrial and artisnal applications on objects such as gates, windows, stairs, mezzanine, etc. you can also use a roller or a brush to apply the base layer of rust.  All other layers need to be sprayed.

Although the rust effect paint has not been studied for car bodywork, we have had many clients use the paint for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. It is important to stabilize the rust with our blocker transparent and then use a transparent topcoat to protect the finish.

The transparent topcoat we recommended for outdoor applications is very matt compared to the automotive matt transparent. In this case, we suggest that you use the automotive matt transparent to increase the scratch and gasoline resistance.

The product does not comply to the Directive 42/2004/CE (VOC values) thus it must be used with the provided limitations only. The colors on screen are for reference only.

A sample kit of this paint effect is available for purchase. The sample kit will have 1 kg of each paint needed to make the effect. We supply primer, special effect paints, topcoat (if needed) and hardener and thinner for spraying. This can paint a 3-5 m2 area.

This paint effect can be sprayed on the following surfaces:

  • Wood
  • Metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • Plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc.)
  • Glass
  • Walls – a water-based cycle from TrendPaints is available, contact us for more information

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