SPECIAL paints

SPECIAL paints

Our collection of Special Paints give professional and DIY users many new tools to transform the appearance of wood, metal, and plastics materials. And each surface will have the same beautiful and durable finish that will last with time.

The special effect finishes have been extensively studied by our technicians to meet the requirements of architects and designers for use in commercial and design industries. The paints were developed with high quality raw materials and we used natural ingredients where possible.

All Cromas effects are easy to apply and they are suitable for one project or a production line where consistent and professional results are required.

Below are a sample of the Special Paints we have developed:

Phosphorescent Paint

Phosphorescent paint: the maximum emission of light in the dark in different colors. This photoluminescent paint, with professional high-relaxation duration pigments, combines aesthetic performance and high levels of technical performance.

Thermosensitive Paint

The thermo-sensitive paint changes color with the temperature becoming transparent and allowing to see the background color.

Holographic paint

The holographic paint, also known as chamaleon effect paint, changes color showing a rainbow effect. They are unique products that provide a multicolor effect to the workpiece used, such as that of the typical music CD.

Cracklé Paint

Impressive visual and tactile effect that simulates the typical distressed leather used in the furniture industry or with combinations of different colors of Cracklé paint.

Wrinkle Paint

Wrinkled paint for metal, glass and plastic. Professional paint for industry and handicrafts, furnishings, nautical and engineering industry.

Magnetic Paint

Paint that allows you to transform any surface into a magnetic board. Any surface, plastic, metal or wood, is made active to magnets.

Fluorescent Paint effect

Fluorescent paint, “highlighter” colors with maximum brilliance. Fluorescent paints are now required for many uses, especially because of fashionable and trendy colors.

Glitter Paint

The paint with silver, gold and other colors glitter effect. Professional products for industry and handicrafts. The paint with glitter for a sparkle glitter effect

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