Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic paint

A Magical Effect that Changes Colours when the Surface is Warm

The Thermochromic paint effect changes the surface colour when the surface is heated. For example, when a part of the body touches the surface, like a hand, the warmth from the body will warm the surface and the paint colour will disappear to see the temporarily imprint of the hand.

In the past, these paints were relegated to security applications, but now they are used for decorative items and furniture, design objects, handles, switches, lighting, housewares, doors, tables, etc. This paint is for indoors use only.

The success of these products is related to their easy use and application. At room temperature (up to 25-29°C) the paint is coloured, but if heated or touched by the body or another heat source, they become a mat transparent. This shows the color of the background or the texture of the surface. For example, the black paint sprayed on wood will show the grain when the surface is warmed up.

The success of these products is related to their easy use and application: are colored at room temperature (up to about 25-29 °C) but if heated or touched with the body become transparent, showing then the color of the background or the under texture (for example black layed on wood brings to show the grain as soon as is touched).
Also impressive are the uses which involve water, electricity and resistances, for example the back-painting on glass basins which brings to surreal color changes opening hot or cold water, cups and coffee machines, motorcycle helmets, humidifiers for pellet stoves or radiators, etc. ..

The application of the thermosensitive paint is very easy. Two versions are available:
solvent for professional applications with high coverage, with opaque and transparent appearance, that can be painted over with dedicated transparents. Also suitable for large surfaces and with fast drying.
waterfor applications where is required a good resistance and at the same time by application by brush or spray in environments where it is not possible the use of the solvent. This version is also suitable for use on internal walls.

The following colors are currently available:
BLACK with change in temperature 26-29°C
RED with change in temperature 26-31°C
BLUE with change in temperature 24-30°C
The color change is almost instantaneous with the temperature change, the biggest influence is the material that makes up the object painted. Touch and heat at 29 °C a piece of wood is easier than heat a small statue of iron because it “looks cooler”.
All these colors are reversible and change continuously, depending on the temperature where they are located.
Materials that are classified as “worse heat conductors” are those that can be more easily heated with the hand to cause a color change with thermosensitive paints.

The products are of professional quality and reach the coverage in 1-2 coats.
The products are suitable for indoor use only. Outside they show a reduced duration, even if protected with a transparent anti-UV. For the painting of small objects in series, such as glasses, scissors, etc … there is a specific version of the product with higher coverage, with resins that prevent the casting and give resistance.

The colors on screen are indicative only. To know what colors are available we recommend to contact us.

In order to permit evaluation of the effect, and for small surfaces, a test kit of the product is available. For information please do not hesitate to contact us.
The effect can be layed by the use of a primer on:
– wood
– metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc …)
– plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc …)
– glass
– version applicable for interior walls

For more information on the phenomenon of thermosensitivity we recomment visiting the following links:
Thermochromism – En.Wikipedia

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