Color trends 2020 in special paints

Trendy Colors Special Paints 2020

A review of the trending colors we observed

Let’s look at 2020, with its unfortunately not too bright peculiarities, in a colorful meaning to find out what varnishes were trending and the ones that have been inserted in developing projects.

We want to point out that the colors of the special paints often pair with touch and other connected features, so we are not just looking at the color, but at the big picture.

1° –Metallic brass

This year there is no doubt, it has been the year of the brass. Royal metallic brass , with all the reflections, for indoor and outdoor. Highly metallic. SM.001 Brass, with its pure metallic effects, is surely on top of the list of the most wanted finishes.

Burnished brushed brass

Second in ranking we find brass again, this time not for its metallic glare only, but for its unique looks and reflections disclosed by the treatment of burnishing, degradation and brushing. Royal reflections with galvanic looks that charm. The spot is shared by:

Brushed Brass

Vintage Brass

Burnished Brass 

Black soft-touch

Detached only for the number of requests but not for square meters covered, is the soft-touch paint  on black color. Elegant and refined for its opacity, it amazes for the softness to the touch that can give to any surface. A must that will hardly be removed by the podium.


The metallicity of the chrome paint  is always present and popular, for its metallic and shiny reflections. Mostly wanted for small and round surfaces, it allows to make any support metallic. The most wanted color is chrome, followed from afar by gold.


With their materic based gray color, the “Raw Concrete”water-based concrete paint and “M-Cement” solvent-based microconcrete are among the most wanted and produced colors. These are used for furniture, internal walls and with the new versions silossanica for external and water-based epoxy for floors, they can cover any kind of surface.

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