Wrinkle paint

Wrinkle paint

A Wrinkled Surface that is Beautiful and Durable

The wrinkle paint or Raggrinzante is a product that has been used for many years to give surfaces strength and durability. This included door handles, car parts, and more.

Recently, the elegance and high resistance of this paint effect has been rediscovered and used for the design of lamps, eyewear, handles, household goods, furniture accessories, bathroom furniture, watches, jewellery, technical objects and high end car parts. The sophisticated wrinkle texture of this paint gives objects a unique personality and pleasant touch.

Many common uses for this paint include the customization and restoration parts for cars, motorcycles, boat and yachts. This is due to the high resistance to gasoline, diesel, oils, salts, and the weather.  The surface also has good non-slip properties.


Common uses are then linked to customization or restore of car’s details and motorbike, made it possible by the resistance of paint to gasoline and bad weather.
The evolution of technology now allows you to have numerous colors without overlay a layer of final colored paint. For more information about it we suggest to contact our technical staff.

This finish can only be applied by spray gun. This is because the success of a wrinkled surface is related to the even application that can only be obtained by spraying.

The paint is applied with a spray nozzle size of 1.8 to 2.5 mm and with 3 to 4 Atm of air pressure. The recommended wet spray thickness is 300 microns. It needs to have a higher thickness, compared to normal paint, to give a nice looking wrinkle effect required by most customers. The dry thickness of the paint is about 50% of the wet thickness.

Once applied, let the paint dry for 10-15 minutes at room temperature. Then it is important to dry the surface in an oven at 90°C for 90-120 minutes. At this stage the paint will dry and make the wrinkled look.

The wrinkled paint requires drying in an oven at 90°C because drying at room temperature leads to a smooth surface without wrinkles. Drying at temperatures below 90°C leads to a small wrinkle effect or does not allow for industrial production.

It is important to understand that after the baking, the painted pieces are ready for use. But before any tests are started to check for resistance, it is necessary wait 15-20 days to allow for the complete curing of the wrinkled paint – this is due to the high thickness of the finish.

The preparation of the surface is very important for the wrinkle effect to be achieved.  A previously painted surface must not have any paint residue and must be completely clean. The application on polished metals requires the surface to be sanded well and cleaned. The application on plastics, with or without primer, depends on the Tg or the melting temperature of the plastic. This can not lower than 90°C.

For industrial applications, ovens with higher temperatures (eg 130-150°C) can be required. Contact our office for more information.

Due to the thickness of the application, spray testing on the product or surface should be completed before beginning production. This is so the user can understand how to apply the paint on angled or detailed surfaces. The wrinkled paint can also be used by private users. In order to have a successful application, a minimum of spraying experience is required.

The product is currently only available as a solvent-based paint. With the evolution of technology, we can make a variety of colours, but not all. For example, a white colour can only be made with the application of a second layer of white paint. For more information, contact our office.

The wrinkled paint requires necessarily drying by oven at 80°C because a drying at room temperature leads to a smooth surface without wrinkles. Drying at temperatures below 80°C leads to intermediate or not industrially reproducible results.
Many colors, but not all, are achievable. For example, the total white color can only be realized with the application of a second layer of paint.
The surface to be painted must not have residues of previous painting and must be completely clean. The application on polished metals needs a previously sanding.
The application on plastics, with or without primer according to their nature, however, requires a Tg or a melting temperature not lower than 80°C.
For industrial applications, furnaces with higher temperatures (eg 130-150°C) are required. However, a permanence at 80°C to form the wrinkles before the complete drying at elevated temperature is needed.
The wrinkled paint can also be purchased by private users. In order to make the application, however, a minimum experience in spray application is required, especially to avoid the casting at these thicknesses.
The product is currently available on base-solvent only


A sample kit of this paint effect is available for purchase. The sample kit will have 1 kg of each paint needed to make the effect. We supply primer and special effect paints, and hardener and thinner for spraying. This can paint a 3-5 m2 area.

The wrinkle paint effect can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces suitable to be baked in the oven:

  • Wood
  • Metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • Plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc.)
  • Glass

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